3 Tips For Thirsty Gals!

Did you know that water contributes up to 75% of our bodyweight, lubricates our joints, helps with waste management/digestion, can influence nutrient absorption, and even effects our energy levels?

Dehydration of as little as 1% of your bodyweight is enough to negatively impact your training performance, as well as cognitive function, resulting in symptoms like brain fog, headaches, cramps and feeling sluggish.

If you’re someone who struggles to get in enough hydration (if you’re getting in less than 2L daily, I’m talking to you girl!), here are some practical tips to quench that thirst!

1 – Make it convenient!

Get yourself a cute 1L water bottle, ideally with a sippy lid, and aim to get through at least two of them per day – visually seeing yourself move through the bottles helps stay accountable vs glasses here and there through the day. And no, coffee doesn’t count just because it’s a liquid okayyy ☕️

2 – Time it!

Set yourself a goal to tick off 500ml in intervals – 500ml first-thing before you leave for work, 1L before lunch, 1.5L by the end of your work day, and 2L by dinner! More if you can (especially if it’s hot or you’re working out), but this is a good start!

3 – Flavour it!

Add things like a squeeze of lemon/lime, a dash of sugar-free cordial, or iced-tea infusions to make it more palatable. Ideally yes you want as much of your water intake to be plain, but if a lil flavouring helps you get it across the line to creating a new habit, go for it. My fave at the moment is sparkling water with a little bit of low sugar Ribena cordial!

A good indicator of your hydration level is by assessing the colour of your urine (yep, it’s wee-check time!). We want pale yellow pee (not completely clear, but almost!) for most of the day (your first pee of the day is usually darker, that’s okay!).

So if you’re finding it hard to get enough water in, I hope some of these tips make it a little easier for you! Stay hydrated out there gal!


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