Meet Sami Rose

I’m Sami, and I’ll be your coach, but think of me as your teacher, trainer, and hype-girl all in one! I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for more than 6 years, as well as now expanding my business to incorporate my skills as a Registered Counsellor, and have since helped hundreds of women worldwide on their journey to becoming their happiest, healthiest and most confident self!


Through years of coaching experience, ongoing education, and my own self-discovery, I’ve built my signature framework for a balanced + sustainable approach to training, nutrition and mindset, because the most important thing is not how you look, but how you FEEL!


My weekly check-ins with Sami have really pushed me to excel in my training and I have been hitting PB after PB, week after week, which I am stoked about. Physically, I am lighter, my shape has changed, and I LOVE IT! I feel strong and to be honest just bloody AWESOME!

ALIX / 31

Highly recommend Sami in every way – mental support, friendly advice, 1:1 contact, amazing program that really makes a difference! Sami is the best person I’ve ever worked with and has helped me be the most confident and best person I can be!

LO / 21

For the first time in my life I have balance in nutrition and exercise. I have more time and energy to put into family and friends. Not only has my body changed for the better but so has my mind. Sami is awesome and I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with her!

NAOMI / 28

Putting my trust in Sami was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for my wellbeing. Not only has her wealth of knowledge really helped me to stick to a good routine with my nutrition and macros, but her outlook of always celebrating wins has helped me to be so much happier throughout this process than I could have imagined!

MADI / 24

Sami, thank you so much for really helping me realign my perspective on how to achieve successful healthy fat loss and changes in my body! For so long I was stuck on 1300/1400 cals and getting nowhere and now following your advice I’m getting my best ever results! Goodbyeeee fad dieting!

JACKY / 29

Sami is a boss at pep talks. She’s all about body positivity and she is just an amazing person. I am forever grateful I reached out to her, as I know if I hadn’t I would still be in my dark little hole, hating my body. Shout out to the best coach a girl could ask for!