15 Wins to celebrate on your health + fitness journey that AREN’T about weight loss!

If you’re someone who has always used body-based goals to motivate you to exercise, you might find it hard to really connect with your internal motivation and listen to what your body actually needs day to day. For example: if you’re used to following a plan and going through the motions, resting only when you’re told to, and doing the kind of workouts that you don’t particularly love but believe is “best” for your goals, how do you know what you actually like doing?

In order to make your movement routine more intuitive and enjoyable, focusing on non-scale related goals can make a huge difference, whether you’re on a weight loss journey or not!

Below you’ll find 15 different goals to work towards, and celebrate ticking off along the way to keep you motivated and moving forward!


  • Cooking more frequently/feeling more prepared day to day (which might also save you time/money, double win!)
  • Improved digestion from increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Increasing your water intake (and some of the benefits that come with this, such as clearer skin, better energy or less brain fog)
  • Bettering your relationship with food by eating more intuitively (which may result in eliminating binge eating, feeling more connected to hunger cues, and fuelling your body more consistently)
  • Reduced feelings of distress (ie guilt, shame or anxiety) around eating/food choices


  • Strength improvements (new PB’s/progressive overload)
  • Becoming fitter or faster (track your run/AMRAP times to measure this!)
  • Training consistently x times each week
  • Achieving x amount of body weight push ups or pull ups
  • Finding a new style of training that is both enjoyable and challenging


  • More or better quality sleep, waking up feeling more refreshed
  • Improved energy levels and/or higher libido
  • Lowered stress levels or reduced symptoms of anxiety/depression
  • Better flexibility or mobility through regular movement and self care
  • Less pre-occupation with thoughts of food/exercise/weight, switching to focusing more on how you FEEL and other priorities in your life!

If you do still have body-based goals, that’s cool too! But focusing on some of these non-scale related wins, and celebrating along the way can be suuuuper duper helpful in doing it for the feeling and creating a healthy relationship with food, exercise and your body!

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