The ultimate high-service 1:1 coaching experience for those who want to get in-depth with me to improve your relationship with food + movement while working towards your goals, including (optional) weekly video chats, Monday-Friday WhatsApp support, mindset strategies + activities, and exclusive educational content!

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Are you looking to step away from yoyo dieting and intense short term “challenges” that constantly leave you feeling back to square 1 afterwards? My premium coaching package is a unique program that is tailored to YOUR exact needs, with no cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach!

With an emphasis on balance, we can create a wellness routine that prioritises FEELING good, and helps you connect with your body to eat, move and think in ways that are genuinely good for you long term – this includes working through any disordered/unhelpful habits you may be experiencing such as binge/emotional eating, chronic over-exercising, or self sabotaging behaviours, via mindset strategies and 1:1 support.

All aspects are fully customised based on your history, fitness level, access to equipment, likes, dislikes, and most importantly, your goals – personal training should be exactly that… personal!

*Please note – while body composition goals are something I can facilitate in alignment with an overall balanced and sustainable approach, if your goal is specifically to focus on fat loss above all else/on a deadline, I am not the coach for you! I would be happy to recommend coaches better suited to your needs so please feel free to ask me for a referral to some wonderful fitness professionals who focus more on weight loss/body composition!


ALL programs include exclusive access to my website with client login portal, featuring HUNDREDS of educational videos and tutorials.

We will work closely together on an approach that is best suited to you, no matter the goal – whether you want to improve your relationship with food by establishing balance through mindful eating, focus on body acceptance and self care, prioritise strength improvements and training performance, or take a completely non-diet/no-numbers approach to health + wellness, I can cater to what works best for your individual needs!

Premium Coaching requires a minimum commitment of 12 weeks – packages start from $50aud per week!

If you’re sick of trying unsustainable approaches and failing, and are ready to finally get serious about looking after your body and mind long term, my Premium Coaching will not only help you work through how to achieve your ideal health + fitness outcomes, but also how to sustain your new healthy habits and ENJOY the process! I’m here with you every step of the way – apply now and let’s chat through your goals to see how I can help you be your happiest, healthiest, and most confident self ASAP!


I feel so lucky to have found Sami. She has completely changed my thought process and mindset with health and fitness in general and for that I couldn't be more grateful. So many coaches claim to always be available to answer any questions but that really is the case with Sami. From holding my hand in week 1 when I was struggling to pick untracked meals, to following up on me when I'd had a bit of a rough week, Sami was always so much more than a coach. I always looked forward to our check ins and knew that there were never going to be judgemental vibes with her. She's REAL, supportive, encouraging and - most importantly - it's clear to see that her passion is genuinely helping people to achieve their goals. Sami has been there to celebrate so many of my victories (no matter how small, even if they aren't fitness related) and I can confidently say that I wouldn't be the girl I am today without her help over the last few years. Sami isn't just about short term fixes - she's about improving 'you' for the long term!

Bethany / 26

Highly recommend Sami in every way – mental support, friendly advice, 1:1 contact, amazing program that really makes a difference! Sami is the best person I’ve ever worked with and has helped me be the most confident and best person I can be!

LO / 21

My experience with Sami has been life changing! She was supportive, always answering my questions and concerns quickly. Her knowledge and support made me feel confident in making the right decisions and stay on track to get awesome results 🙂 The biggest positive is not only the results but also tools she gave me to create positive eating habits and enjoying the food I love! For the first time in my life I have balance in nutrition and exercise. I have more time and energy to put into family and friends. Not only has my body changed for the better so has my mind.

Sami is awesome and I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with her!

Naomi / 28

Sami is a boss at pep talks. She’s all about body positivity and she is just an amazing person. I am forever grateful I reached out to her, as I know if I hadn’t I would still be in my dark little hole, hating my body. Shout out to the best coach a girl could ask for!


Sami is an amazing coach/human! As well as knowing how to get sustainable and realistic results, she genuinely cares about your overall health & wellbeing. Sami listens to your concerns and is always there throughout the week to help with any issues and support you as much as she can. She celebrates your wins, big and small, and is genuinely happy and excited for you. Her training plans are so enjoyable, and cater to my goals & the equipment available in my gym. I’ve never felt better since I’ve been working with Sami, dropping body fat, setting strength PRs, enjoying training, improving sleep/water intake and feeling more confident! I can’t recommend Sami enough if you are looking for someone to support you on your health and fitness journey.

Sarah / 27

For the first time in my life I have balance in nutrition and exercise. I have more time and energy to put into family and friends. Not only has my body changed for the better but so has my mind. Sami is awesome and I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with her!

NAOMI / 28

Working with Sami has been one of the best things for my outlook, my body image, and being able to be in a routine. Before beginning with Sami, I was your typical yo-yo dieter, and had absolutely zero consistency on anything. Putting my trust in Sami was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for my wellbeing. Not only has her wealth of knowledge really helped me to stick to a good routine with my nutrition and macros, but her outlook of always celebrating wins has helped me to be so much happier throughout this process than I could have imagined! Sami is all about inner confidence, which has probably been my biggest takeaway from working with her. Yes, I have lost weight and inches and my progress photos are showing it. But the real differences are my energy, my happiness, and my confidence!

Madi / 24

My weekly check-ins with Sami have really pushed me to excel in my training and I have been hitting PB after PB, week after week, which I am stoked about. Physically, I am lighter, my shape has changed, and I LOVE IT! I feel strong and to be honest just bloody AWESOME!

ALIX / 31

I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life that I have started a program without having any sort of weight loss goal. My goal was to look in the mirror and not cry/pick myself apart/hate myself. And I can happily say that after the past few months I CAN!  I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight but I have GAINED so so much love/care/respect/healthy habits for myself and that is totally invaluable! THANK YOU for who you are and the journey that you have gone through. Your life experiences have impacted your coaching and how you want to help women love themselves no matter what they are going through and I am so so grateful that you reflect all of this in your coaching!

Kat / 34