On Demand Workout Series


Feel-Good-Fitness for EVERYbody!

This workout guide is for those who want to take the thought out of workouts – just show up, follow along, and have a GREAT time moving your body, with over 40 sessions to choose from!

The majority of workouts are dumbbell based, but you’ll also find bodyweight, booty band, kettlebell, and barbell workouts to incorporate, and with every purchase you’ll receive my brand new bonus series of eleven “Dumbbell Dance Parties” (dumbbell workouts synced to Spotify playlists!), and session lengths vary from 5 minute finishers, up to full 45 minute workouts – there’s something to suit any mood and schedule!

These workouts will help you to grow fitter and stronger each week, consistently move your body in a way that FEELS good, and create a healthy, positive, balanced relationship with exercise. GOALS AF!