Welcome to Befriending Your Body!

You'll find all modules + activities broken down by week below - I do recommend working in the order I've laid out, but you're welcome to move through the modules faster, or slower (or jump ahead to a particular module if you do feel you need it sooner) - whatever works best for you!

For each educational module, you have the option to watch the content here on screen, or read via the downloadable workbook underneath the videos (this also has clickable links back to the video if ever you need!)

Please ensure you save each download to your device to keep on file (each week has a workbook file with the modules + additional resources, AND an activities file) and any activities with journal prompts you'll be able to type straight in, just be sure the file is saved on your device for you to keep and refer back to!

If there's ANYTHING at all I can help with, please reach out, as I'd love to guide you through the next 8 weeks as best I can.

Good luck, and I can't wait to hear how it all goes for you! x

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Introduction (4:00 Watch Time)



MODULE 1 (19:21 Watch Time)


MODULE 2 (14:25 Watch Time)

Intro Workbook - modules + resources Reflective food journal template (fillable PDF version) Reflective food journal template (Excel - second format option) Weekly reflections file

Week one


MODULE 3 (13:42 Watch Time)


MODULE 4 (19:30 Watch Time)

WEEK 1 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 1 Activities (Relationship w food quiz, Zooming Out list)

Week TWO


MODULE 5 (20:48 Watch Time)


MODULE 6 (13:59 Watch Time)

WEEK 2 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 2 Activities (Body Image Strategies, Happy Place in the Middle exercise)



MODULE 7 (16:07 Watch Time)


MODULE 8 (19:12 Watch Time)

WEEK 3 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 3 Activities (Food Habituation, Coping Toolbox)

Week four


MODULE 9 (18:46 Watch Time)


MODULE 10 (18:56 Watch Time)

WEEK 4 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 4 Activity (Body Image Journal Prompts)

Week five


MODULE 11 - Dove Experiment Part 1
(6:36 Watch Time)


MODULE 11 - Dove Experiment Part 2
(8:18 Watch Time)


MODULE 12 (10:43 Watch Time)

WEEK 5 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 5 Activity (Core Values)

week six


MODULE 13 (15:45 Watch Time)


MODULE 14 (12:15 Watch Time)

WEEK 6 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 6 Activity (Mindset Roadblocks Journal Prompts)

Week seven


MODULE 15 (13:26 Watch Time)


MODULE 16 (21:34 Watch Time)

WEEK 7 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 7 Activities (Body Image Timeline, How I like to move my body)

Week eight


MODULE 17 (15:35 Watch Time)


MODULE 18 (23:09 Watch Time)

WEEK 8 WORKBOOK - Modules + Resources Week 8 Activities (Relationship w Food Quiz, Final Reflections)