Make peace with food, break up with binge eating, better your body image, manage your emotions, and master those mindset hurdles that have kept you stuck for too long!



Are you tired of being stuck in the yo-yo dieting/binge-and-restrict cycle, or exhausted from being consumed by thoughts about food and your body daily?

Imagine a life where you can ditch the extremes, eat the foods you love, feel content within your body, and appreciate yourself for more than just how you look!

This 8 week program is an info-packed online course, paired with 1:1 coaching with Sami, or the option to take a self-paced DIY e-course option! There are educational modules each week (delivered in both video + written format so you can digest the information in a way that suits you best) plus worksheets and activities to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Some of the modules we’ll cover:

  • UN-Dieting – How to eat healthfully without counting calories/macros
  • Implementing Mindful Eating strategies, and re-learning your hunger + fullness cues
  • Body Acceptance/External influences on body image
  • Healthy Coping Skills + Emotional Regulation
  • Understanding your binge triggers + helpful strategies
  • Challenging your food rules + food habituation
  • Mindset Roadblocks keeping you stuck in the cycle

Apply now to receive your no-obligations info pack to find out more about what’s included in this game-changing 8 week coaching program and finally live the carefree, balanced life you deserve!


"I've been thinking about how far I've come in the past few months working with you and how I've been feeling as a person, and my mindset around food is the best it's ever been!

I'm no longer stressing about every food choice and I'm able to take a step back and look at my triggers with a different eye and understand where they're coming from.

I've been struggling with my food for years and I've always thought I would never get past it, I've been with other coaches in the past and nothing has stuck like it has working with you.

Your support has been next to none and I really can't thank you enough!"

"This program has been such an eye opener. I literally had 'OMG, this is so spot on' moments throughout every module!

I've found it so helpful and you made me think about things differently. I've realised where emotion AND stress come into my eating habits, funny how you pick things up when you take a step back and really look at the bigger picture.

The modules and activities are helping me so much, and are so easy to follow and understand. I really wish I had done your BYB program sooner!"

"I loved how down to earth the modules are. They're written in a way that you relate to them so easily.

I think I had a lot of 'Ah-ha' moments throughout the whole 8 week process but I think the module where we take things back to where it all started with our body image, I had the realisation that this has been how I was programmed my entire life! Massive moment. Huge!"

"I am so glad I did Sami's program, I wish I had done it sooner! It has changed my mindset so much and I no longer think about my weight as a burden, especially as people are used to seeing me in a leaner form as I've competed in three body building competitions, but I was always talking about having to go to the gym, not going to events or social outings because I had to go to the gym, tracking macros, counting calories...

I wanted to do Sami's program to feel comfortable in my skin, to be kinder to myself and accept myself as I am now and to have strategies in order to deal with people's comments and opinions. I cannot express how much Sami's program did exactly that and more.

Sami's program has enabled me to let go of all the negative thoughts associated with my body and I have learned to love me and my life again - I cannot thank her enough for that!"

""I knew you were there for me when I needed you, and I could resonate with almost every word you said!

The modules were all so relevant and helpful, and I loved the extra reading that was also provided. The activities as well - being able to read a module then apply the learnings was so helpful.

I got so much out of the program, it's such good value for money!"

"Sami’s program covers both physical and psychological aspects thoroughly and I have honestly found myself thinking differently about my body and my eating habits in a very positive way.

I am starting to give myself permission to be happy and confident, while also enjoying food and not beating myself up about what I’m eating.

I’m finally not spending my days obsessing over food and it’s amazing what that makes room for in my headspace! Thanks Sami xx"

"This program is a game-changer. I've done every diet under the sun, which tells me how to track calories, macros, protein; don't eat this, just eat that. None of them ever stuck (or worked).

Sami's program was designed to look at your body holistically; how you are feeling, what decisions you are making about food, and WHY.

I didn't realise it, but I have triggers for emotional eating that I can now address. There's so much knowledge, passion and confidence to be gained from doing this course!"

"Sami's Befriending Your Body program was exactly what I needed to step away from the vicious dieting cycle and start to become more mindful and more in touch with my body.

Through activities and information modules I have been able to reflect on why I have developed certain thought patterns surrounding body image and food and have challenged myself to change my thoughts when they don't serve me.

Sami is easy to chat to, friendly, non judgmental and respectful and I highly recommend the BYB program!"

"I'm feeling so much more confident in listening to my body and choosing foods based on how I feel and what I enjoy, rather than what the calories are or if the food is 'good' or 'healthy'.

Sami was very helpful and understanding when I needed help and was feeling vulnerable. I now have the tools to keep moving forward and define my own version of healthy that fits my lifestyle and values!"

"Through the BYB activities and information modules I have been able to reflect on why I have developed certain thought patterns surrounding body image and food, and have challenged myself to change my thoughts when they don't serve me.

The program provides information in an easy to understand format with both video and text, and provides activities to reflect on and develop real life strategies to make improvements to daily life. Highly recommend!"

"I loved all of it! I knew you were there for me when I needed you but in all honesty, the modules were very easy to follow, I loved that there was extra reading if I wanted to read more about a specific topic (which I did) and I loved how down to earth they were. They weren't totally full of doctor jargon or lawyer jargon if you get me.

They were true, they were real and I think that's why I resonated with them so much.

Sami, you are a breath of fresh air! OMG, I wish more counsellors and therapists were like you. You get it and you listen and you are full of so much encouragement. You can see you love what you do and are all in about making a change. Thank God for you!"

"I've stopped constantly checking my stomach in the mirror, worrying that other will judge me if I gain weight or eat "unhealthy" foods, I buy chocolate in my weekly grocery shop without feeling embarrassed & enjoy it as I please.

I feel really neutral & at peace with my body, my thoughts about my body no longer correlate with what I have eaten that day, and I know that I have so much more to offer to the people around me than how I look.

Please know you are allowed to be happy just as you are. I wouldn't have come to this point without Sami's support & kindness, so if you need a little help this program is a wonderful place to start."

"I have genuinely never felt this comfortable in my body in my whole adult life. It feels so nice to not be fighting with myself every day!"

"I've been completely binge free since our first call in week 1, I can't believe it you are actually some kind of magician!"

"I never ever thought I'd be able to stop emotional eating, but the tools you've given me and all the help from our calls has totally changed my life, THANK YOU!"